Los Angeles Childrens Court

Los Angeles, California

Developed by Kajima International and California Partnerships and design by Kajima Associates, this $45 million facility is an excellent example of the innovative partnerships that can occur between our public clients and the Kajima Group.  Constructed on a 4.2-acre site at the intersection of the Long Beach and San Bernardino freeways in Monterey Park, the facility was recognized as “the largest and most innovative facility of its type in the United States,” said Christopher J. Campbell, president of California Partnerships.

The six-story, 275,000-square-foot building, known as the Children’s Court, houses 25 Superior Court hearing rooms, where decisions are made for determining whether or not minors placed under judicial protection should be returned to their parents, and a cafeteria. No juvenile-delinquency cases would be heard in the building.

The Children’s Court includes an “academic link” with Cal State Los Angeles “to address causes of child abuse and neglect.” In addition, the facility houses programs for the training of law enforcement, social work, education and health-care professionals.

It is a shining example of “can-do cooperation among public- and private-sector interests” in terms of team development, site acquisition, project management, facility design and financing.

Working with you on the project was one of the most rewarding experiences that I have enjoyed during my two years in this position, and I feel enormously privileged that I had the opportunity to be associated with you in this endeavor. Please know how much I appreciate all that you have done to help make the concept of a courthouse for children a reality.

Paul Boland, Presiding JudgeThe Superior Court of Los Angeles