KUD International LLC

KUD provides broad-based project development services to our clients and partners, coordinating the financing, planning, design, and construction of large-scale real estate projects. We focus on project types that pose unique challenges due to their size, complexity, and specialized uses.

KUD is a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Kajima Corporation, one of the oldest and largest construction-related services companies in the world, with offices in over twenty countries and annual volume exceeding $14 billion. Kajima has been in the United States for over fifty years, with its real estate, construction, architecture and engineering subsidiaries having specialties in virtually all segments of built real estate.

KUD was founded on the basic premise that a company of substantial net worth and with an intimate understanding of the design and construction process can transform difficult projects into built reality. KUD takes a ‘grass roots’ approach, engaging local businesses in all facets of the project, and encouraging public sector and community participation in an inclusive development process. Our reputation as a successful developer with public sector projects is based upon the application of innovative private sector approaches in structuring transactions to meet our clients’ goals.

Today, KUD International continues to look for new applications for its unique approach. It focuses on urban development projects where there is community need and public sector interest in partnering with the private sector to take projects from concept to reality.